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ClearWay Handling & Operations is a full-service flight support company that provides world-class aviation solutions to business jet operators 24 hours a day.

Operations Control Center






  • Team knowledge and experience

  • Present own volume

  • Connections with suppliers, contracts and formal relations

  • Connections with air companies

  • Own international network of company representative offices, handling companies and airports

  • Deep understanding of the pricing structure

  • Deep understanding of the pricing structure

  • Own international network of company representative offices, handling companies and airports

  • Present own volume

  • Connections with air companies

  • Knowledge and experience


Pre-arrangement of overfly and landing permits can often be a time consuming and challenging task

The ever-changing requirements of air traffic authorities and their lack of response can become a major stumbling block in preparation for a flight. Over the years, the ClearWay team has built great connections and invaluable experience

liaising with Civil Aviation Authorities throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. This means we can obtain and re-validate overfly and landing permissions even at very short notice.

Ground Handling

Thanks to our direct partnership with a network of trusted and reliable handling agents throughout Europe and countries of the CIS, we are able to provide a complete range of world-class ground handling services at competitive rates. We guarantee safety, efficiency and flexibility, and always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

We at ClearWay understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service and pride ourselves on tailor-made, attentive and responsive approach to our customer’s every need, backed by our proven track record over the years we’ve been in business.

The handling services that we provide include:

  • Ground handling arrangements

  • Ground equipment

  • Ground transportation services

  • Fueling arrangements

  • VIP lounges

  • Catering

  • Weather, NOTAMs, flight planning & slot coordination

  • 24-hour security arrangements

  • Aircraft cleaning

Aircraft Dispatch

Depending on the size of your fleet, the most cost-effective solution for you may be to outsource rather than keep a team of in-house flight dispatchers. Our dedicated dispatchers at ClearWay are ready to provide operational support, with full round-the-clock aircraft dispatch services.


Fuel costs are always the biggest of concerns in the aviation industry, especially for those companies balancing costs versus return. At ClearWay we understand the impact of fuel prices on the overall profitability of your operation. That’s why we work with a large network of both international and local fuel suppliers to make sure that we can offer the most competitive prices in the market.

We provide

  • 24/7 operational and fuel pricing support,

  • 24/7 fuel coordination & supervisor support,

  • 24/7 diversified into-wing supplier choices,

  • Customised solutions to meet your needs.

Flight planning

In aviation many factors are taken into account to conduct a safe flight with great return

While the captain is in charge during the flight, the flight dispatcher is responsible for the safety, on-time performance and overall profitability of the flight long before the aircraft leaves the stand.

All ClearWay flight dispatchers are seasoned industry experts with years of on-the-job experience in flight planning. Our expertise and available IT resources allow us to provide our customers with the most cost-efficient flight plan calculations. This saves you time, fuel and numerous other expenses. Our flight dispatchers are at your disposal 24/7, ready to provide a thorough and prompt operational support.

  • NAT/MNPS (North Atlantic) operations

  • ETOPS/EROPS operations planning

  • Monitoring of ETOPS airports

  • IFR, VFR operations planning

  • Entry / overflight / landing permit arrangement (directly with CAA)

  • PPR, airport slot arrangement

  • ATC flight plan preparation, filing (Eurocontrol & worldwide)

  • TSA/FAA Waiver submission for private and commercial flights

  • US eAPIS submission

  • Arrangement of customs/immigration

  • Operational flight plans


  • Performance calculations (runway analysis, take-off and landing)

  • Flight watch (reduction of delays, Eurocontrol ATC slot management, re-routings)

  • Flight coordination (MVT messages)

  • Preparation and delivery of flight documentation

  • 24/7 operational support

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Dispatcher Training and OCC Development

Our on-boarding training course is an excellent opportunity for aspiring dispatchers to learn the ropes of flight planning, and flight dispatcher duties. For those more established looking to improve their skills, our refresher course is a great way to refresh their memory and expand their knowledge. Our training program is provided by a dedicated team of active flight operations officers. This means that our curriculum is always up-to-date and heavily based on the best practices of the aviation industry. The program and course length can be adjusted to meet the preferences and requirements of trainees.

Travel Services

At ClearWay Handling & Operations, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service

We are happy to provide a full range of travel services for your crew, passengers and employees alike.

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