Often overlooked in the past, operators now recognize the importance of quality flight planning.

This is thanks to its significant contribution to cost-efficiency and service improvement of overall operations. Personnel training, often thought of as a luxury has now become a long-term investment, especially when it comes to training and hiring flight dispatchers. It’s no secret that a well-trained and experienced dispatcher is able to detect potential losses and turn them into cost-savings.

Our on-boarding training course is an excellent opportunity for aspiring dispatchers to learn the ropes of flight planning, and flight dispatcher duties. For those more established looking to improve their skills, our refresher course is a great way to refresh their memory and expand their knowledge. Our training program is provided by a dedicated team of active flight operations officers. This means that our curriculum is always up-to-date and heavily based on the best practices of the aviation industry. The program and course length can be adjusted to meet the preferences and requirements of trainees.

We are also happy to take care of any organizational matters such as booking tickets and arranging accommodation for trainees so they don’t have to worry about the issues unrelated to learning and can focus solely on training.

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